What is the PAC and its purpose?

The Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee (RFLPAC) is a committee of citizens who live, work/volunteer or own property within the Red Feather Lakes Plan Area, appointed by the Larimer County Board of Commissioners. Its purpose is to provide an organized forum to facilitate communication with the County and within the community on issues that impact Red Feather Lakes.

Meetings are held at 1:30PM, the fourth Thursday of the month at the RFL fire barn and all are open to the public.  


July 12, 2019 -- New Page Added for Community Meeting Documents

Jun 21, 2019 -- Road Survey Approved -- Community Meeting, Sat July 13, 10a-12p,

RFL Community Association Building, 58 Firehouse Lane

About the Proposed Red Feather Lakes Roadway Identification Project

Since 2005, the RFL Area Plan has identified road maintenance as a priority community need. Identifying the centerline of village roads, siting their location according to known monuments, is the initial step in beginning a community dialogue to address ongoing road maintenance needs.  Approximately 3.2 miles of roads within the Village were identified in this way in 2009 by Ayres Associates. The new project would complete this process for the remaining 14.6 miles of roads within the RFL Village. With careful consideration of this potential project and its long-term benefits to the RFL community, the Larimer County Community Development Division is in support of working with the Red Feather Lakes community toward completion of this roads identification process.


This process of identifying centerline road alignments is not an attempt by the County nor the PAC to prescribe road maintenance, but it may serve as a first step in community discussions to form some type of entity and/or process to foster ongoing, needed roads maintenance and other projects to further RFL’s vitality, safety, self-sufficiency, and quality of life.

A letter more fully explaining this proposal has been sent to affected members of the Red Feather Lakes community.


Also available for review is an outline of the proposal to identify road alignments.

The Red Feather Lakes Planning Area

The area of study for the roads identification project includes the area shown here from Red Feather Lakes Area Plan, with the exception of Fox Acres and the area included in General Improvement District 13A (Hiawatha Heights road improvement district).  

Above is the Red Feather Lakes  Area Plan as adopted in 2012.  The proposed area of study for roads identification would encompass the area outlined in black excepting Fox Acres and the area currently served by General Improvement District 13A (Hiawatha Heights).  

Thank you for your interest and input on the proposed

Roadway Identification Project!